tales of a girl in the city

février 17, 2004

100 Things. Re: Moi. Part VII: Right Now I Think It'll Be About Music, But You Can Never Tell.

61. The first solo I ever sang in front of a lot of people was the song, "Let's Go Fly A Kite," which, I believe, is from Mary Poppins. People in my hometown still come up to me and sing it. Nineteen years, people. Let it go.

62. I think the first three minutes of Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring are so beautiful they're almost hard to bear.

63. My karaoke song is "Hit Me With Your Best Shot." But it should be "Pour Some Sugar On Me."

64. In college I was in a show with special guest star Debbie Gibson. Ready for some irony? She sang, "I Am The Greatest Star" from Funny Girl and forgot the words. Five times. At one point she got so frustrated she kicked off her shoes and started to try the song again. And forgot the words again. Finally someone screamed "Do the 'Electric Youth' Dance!". Ms. Gibson ("Deborah" now, in her theatrical career) stormed off the stage.

65. This boy I dated at leadership camp one year made me a mix tape. On the outside of the tape, on Side A, it said, "This is only the beginning" and then you flipped it over and Side B said, "Hopefully we'll never see the end."

66. I got myself cheap tickets to The New York Philharmonic this year which was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. They played all the Beethoven Symphonies this season and at one of the concerts there was a blind man with a seeing-eye dog. I was up at the very top of the hall, looking down at this black dog, sprawled out in the aisle on the orchestra-level. Funny, strange thing. To see a dog at the symphony.

67. I think "There'll be icicles, and birthday clothes and sometimes there'll be sorrow" is about the most concise summation of--well, pretty much everything that life is. I heart Joni Mitchell.

68. I own one Britney Spears CD. Oops.

69. When my roommate isn't home I blast "Dancing With Myself." Billy. Idol.

70. My first professional role was as a talking dog in a children's musical based on the tv show "Reading Rainbow". I toured the US for six months and sang the "Reading Rainbow" theme song in front of more than 250,000 children. For those who know what Reading Rainbow is, I'm going to do a pre-emptive strike here and tell you that Lavar Burton toured with us in spirit only.