tales of a girl in the city

février 05, 2004

100 Things. Re: Moi. Part III: ....Middle School. God.

21) During most of middle school my bangs were curled up into a very high, very hairspray-crusted shape that resembled a tsunami.

22) During most of middle school I wore enormous dark blue glasses, which I purchased because the woman at the glasses store said they made me look like I was wearing make-up.

23) Gullible.

24) Terrible at every sport. Really--all of 'em.

25) I spent many a sleepover freezing the bra of one, Maggie Bogenreef.

26) Andrew Morter, who you may remember from a previous entry, was my "Secret Santa" in eighth grade. I spent weeks shopping for the exact right Grateful Dead t-shirt to give him. I finally found it. On the day when I brought in my beautifully wrapped, perfect gift to give to Andrew, he had forgotten to bring something for me. At lunchtime his mom came in and dropped off a gift. Ponytail holders.

27) I experienced coolness for the first time at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. Nicole LeGrande, my 17 year-old counselor with infinitely awesome permed hair, did my make-up for the camp dance and let me borrow her flourescent green shorts.

28) It was in gym class in seventh grade that I realized that Roman Ab Machines give me orgasms. It is a medical mystery. Any doctors reading this can feel free to speculate.

29) Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp also gave me the amazing experience of going to Europe to spend my summer singing. At eleven. And again at fourteen. Without parents. Both times.

30) When I was running for Secretary of Webster Transitional School's Student Council in 8th grade, I won the (coveted) position by performing the following rap to Axel-F:

My name is Kate and I'm coming to you
'Cause I need your vote, plain and true
I said, Brothers and Sisters, c'mon and see
I'll be the best Secretary that'll ever be.
Me, I'm responsible, tried and true,
Creative and kind, thru and thru.
I know my way around the Senate floor.
I've been on a year, a half and more.
Other qualities that I possess
Include neat, caring and happiness.
So you know it's covered when it's with me,
And covered it will always be.
So Yo! Vote Kate! Uh-huh! Groovy.
(The majority of this still holds true. The part about being "neat," however is not true. I was never neat. That was just something I said so that I'd win.)