tales of a girl in the city

février 03, 2004

100 Things. re: Moi. Part I: Childhood (Except for #2)

1) When I was born on October 21, my parents say they almost named me Annabella Drizella because it rhymes with my last name.

2) I have already been stalked twice since moving to NYC. So good luck convincing me to tell you my last name.

3) I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin, but we never actually farmed anything.

4) We had a goat named Long John Silver; he hung himself.

5) I got to name the two sheep we had. I named them Daisy One and Daisy Two. My creativity, I guess, kicked in post-sheep.

6) When I would get tired, but would want to keep playing something, I would put my underwear on over my clothes and pretend to be Princess Leah in that scene from Return of the Jedi when she's chained to Jaba the Hut.

7) My imaginary best friends were named Shawna, Fauna, and Rabies.

8) When my mom used to drive my brother and I around, she'd be The Driving Droid and sometimes we could program her to take us wherever we wanted to go.

9) Despite this, I spent a lot of time waiting for my real mother to come and get me.

10) My real mother, of course, was Princess Di.