tales of a girl in the city

juin 09, 2004

What Would Van Gogh Have Done With Times New Roman And A Little Red #D30000?

Not this.

But, on the plus side, I still have both of my ears.

Anyway, we're gonna move on and try not to dwell on the fact that I took Bellow's cute, little, primitive-but-adorable design, and grabbed it while it was skipping around happily on the internet, burbling and chirping, and playing with pots and pans, and drooling endearingly on other web site's key rings...

...and I clubbed it over the head until it died. Screaming in agony. Suffering in the dark. Alone. And frightened.


Let's welcome #0000CD Blue to the scene, and let's thank him profusely for tempering the whole Christmas-Year-Round-At-Bellow Feeling that was bothering us all.

Changeisgood, changeisgood, changeisgood.

And away we go.