tales of a girl in the city

juin 06, 2004

First: Panic. Then: Sulk.

What have I done?

My hands are all sweaty. And my nose won't uncrinkle. I hate this new green. I am not a green person. I'm a bold red. A snazzy yellow. My webpage looks like a John Deer ad.

God, and the font. Look at this font. I AM NEW COURIER, GOD DAMMIT, NOT FUCKING WHATEVER THE FUCK THIS NEW FONT IS. What is this new font called? If I could only find in the html code where this new font is described, THEN I COULD CHANGE IT!!! Crap. I need a Coke.

Ok. Whoo. Breathe.

Change is good, though. Right? Change is good. *Repeats new mantra frantically to Self.* Changeisgood,changeisgood,changeisgood.

hroghuhhhhuuuoooooo. (For those confused by the real-life sound reflected by that last series of letters, think petulance with a dash of tragic self-pity.)

Crap, crap.