tales of a girl in the city

avril 20, 2004

Gallop apace you fiery steeds toward Phoebus' lodging. God. Look at me. PUKE

The only thing that could be even better than looking forward to a second date on Wednesday... not being able to wait 'til Wednesday to have a second date.

To that end, I will be sneaking out of work today at 3:30 so that he and I can take a subway ride together.

And the only thing better than that, is that it's now 1:30 and my heart is already racing a little.

And if it gets better than that, then it'll be just gross.

Yes, Folks. I'm now that girl.

Wait a minute.

YAY! *does dance featuring a high kick and a "Walk Like An Egyptian" hand gesture* I'm now that girl.