tales of a girl in the city

avril 13, 2004

Cleaning House

Things people have emailed about that I'll address:

1) I'm not a gay man. I sometimes wish I were, but that's another entry.

2) There was a link to one of my headshots here before, and for anybody who read this between about 4:30 and 9:30 EST, you most likely clicked on it and now know what I look like.

But, then I got an email that confirmed what I was already thinking on the subway on my way home which is, that it's more fun for me to have you all imagine what I look like. So I reconsidered. Too bad for you.

Besides, I didn't want any weirdos wacking off to my photo in their dingy bedrooms later. Or Photo-Shopping my head onto the body of some woman enduring the cruel female torture of having her nether holes fucked by a horse...for example. (There you go, Sir. Thanks for reading.)

3) I didn't misspell "Below"; I meant to call this blog "Bellow". Also, having never heard a bull, I guess I mostly meant Definition Number 2.

4) I think it's pretty much gonna continue to be "90 Things. Re: Moi." unless I get inspired in the near future. So everyone chill out. And, to be fair, you'll notice that "consistency" and "follow through" were nowhere to be seen on the list.

5) I love all the people who send me nice emails. I think you're mostly just my mom using various pseudonyms, but it still makes my day.