tales of a girl in the city

janvier 11, 2005

I'm Not Even Going To Tell You What This Post Was Originally About

British Boob: Hullo. Kathryn had asked if I would be so kind as to say a few words about her--ahem--rather active imagination. To that end, I have prepared the following remar--

Southern Belle Boob: Sweet thing, don't you even bother yourself about it. All these nice people already know quite enough about the quality of our lady Kathryn's wild fantasy life.

British Boob: Yes, but--

Southern Belle Boob: Honey. *sighs* We're her bosoms.

British Boob: But, I do think--

Southern Belle Boob: And we talk.

Unn the Deep Minded *interrupting*: I am the viking virago who colonized Iceland, and I now live in Kathryn's womb!

Southern Belle Boob: See what I mean?

Unn *digging frantically with spoon*: I must get out of her belly! I yearn for adventure!

British Boob: Ah. Right, then.