tales of a girl in the city

décembre 29, 2004


Dear Mom,

Every time I put on the pajamas you gave me, I feel like Scrooge McDuck in the bedroom scene from "Mickey's Christmas Carol," which--I'm sure--was what you had in mind. I know we both wish there had been a matching flannel nightcap, but we'll just keep our fingers crossed for next year.

Also, thanks for the cat socks. If I had actual cats, I'd want them to be as purple as the ones on the socks you bought me.

Even though I'm glad I wasn't sick this year like last year, a part of me is a teeny bit bummed that you didn't spend the whole weekend tucking me in and reminding me to "Drink Fluids!" Because, on days like today it's nice to know that someone still thinks of me as their little girl.

I love you,