tales of a girl in the city

août 07, 2004


Shooting Monday-Wednesday of next week, and for five days every month after that.

Can't tell you what it is. Surely the network wouldn't approve of their host sharing her bikini waxes with the world. Sorry. But, never fear, it's not Fox. Nor is it Adult On Demand.

Job involves travel--I am, in fact, to be a travel journalist of sorts--so perhaps we'll do a test of bikini wax places 'round the Northeast. Rest assured, I will still be posting. And when I'm not posting, I will still be running around like a maniac, thinking to myself, "Must blog about that."

Best thing about the job so far: they pay for my haircuts/colors. Men may think that's not very exciting, but most women readers are probably currently jumping up and down. Add to that A CLOTHING ALLOWANCE. Add to that the fact that I GET TO KEEP THE CLOTHES. I feel like Kelly Ripa. Only not nearly so annoying.

Worst thing about the job so far: they're making me cut my hair. The hair that I have been growing for a year. The hair that has been so difficult to grow out that my roommate covered our refrigerator with pictures of Charlize Theron's long hair, so that I would wake up every day to motivation. I am sad about the haircut. But, only just a little.

Potential worst thing about the job: the camera and the ten pounds it totally really absolutely does add. Sucks. But, as of yet I'm still in denial. Ten pounds? What ten pounds?

I'm going to go have an ice cream cone.

Oh. Also, David is taking me to Prague.


Thanks for the luck.

Apologies to all of the rabbits.