tales of a girl in the city

janvier 12, 2004

In Which I Threaten Anyone Who Fucks With Le Secret Plan


'Coupla things.

First: Apparently The Unholy Slut Whore From Hell is smarter than I thought. Because...No picture yet. The hussy must have heard something.

There's no way to be nice about this.

Which one of you talked?

I know it wasn't Linz or Sam because they're skinny perfect supermodel literary-genius angels. It wasn't Leticia either. Because she's a goddess, and I think she was in school all day anyway. The rest of y'all...if you go over to The USWFH's side, I will find you and cut you.

'Kay *claps hands excitedly*. Right. So, meet me here tomorrow anyway, picture or no picture and we'll reasses Le Secret Plan. Or just go for a beer. Whatever.

Second: You may have noticed that there has been a slight name-change throughout this blog. There used to be another letter of the alphabet standing in for my exboyfriend's name. Now he is called M. This happened because I have now realized that none of you can keep your mouths shut, so I figure we might as well use this to our advantage and give you the real first letter of his real name.

Do. Your. Worst.