tales of a girl in the city

novembre 02, 2004

Proud Loser: A Toast

Here's to looking cute in an America Votes baseball cap.

Here's to trekking up a highway in Pennsylvania, past The Beef and Ale, where--God help me--I wish we'd had time to eat lunch.

Here's to trudging through fallen leaves, dodging barking dogs, and deciphering confusing subdivision addresses where, apparently, 400 comes after 700.

Here's to all the Democrats living in Reagan Court.

And to all the Bush/Cheney signs we left where they stood.

Here's to saying, "Thank you for voting" whether they answered Kerry or Bush.

To the people who answered, in perfect, but accented English, "I am not a Citizen. I don't have the right," here's to the next time around.

Here's to having a cute butt to walk behind while canvassing, thank you Sexy Hot Genius Boy from Vassar.

Here's to, after 14 hours of hard work, seeing Pennsylvania turn blue.