tales of a girl in the city

décembre 31, 2003

The last day of 2003. I think we should make some lists.

Things I Should Give Up In 2004, But Probably Won't
1. Coca-Cola
2. Coffee
3. Rubbish TV (Examples: "Rich Girls," "The OC," etc.)
4. Mentioning M in my Blog

Things I May Actually Give Up In 2004
1. Keeping tissues in my pocket or purse (even if they're used and gross) just so I'll always have one.
2. Sex. I only say this because I've had sex exactly two times in the last 365 days, so I guess I really might as well just go cold turkey in 2004. Believe me, I find this more depressing than you do.
3. Exercise.

Well, what a year. Though, unfortunately much of it involved recuperating from The M Fiasco, it was also a year of several important triumphs. And, although I am not one to brag, I figure that there is no better forum for celebrating my personal accomplishments than a blog that no one but me reads.

So, in 2003 I was one of five women accepted to one of the top five MFA Acting programs in the country.

In 2003 I had enough insight to know that I didn't actually want to go to an MFA Acting program, but just wanted to get into one.

My tenacity in 2003 got me an agent. A good agent. An agent who I'd have coffee with and who says things about me and my performing that are so good it's hard to believe they're true.

2003 brought me my first non-self-induced orgasm. Thank you to those involved. You know who you are.

2003. Smack in the middle of my twenties. Blonde. One hell of a story-teller. Great cheekbones.
Couple of good friends. Couple of great ones. Superior family; truly top-notch. No life-threatening bad habits, and a few rather charming ones if I do say so myself.

Think it's gonna be a Happy New Year.

Knock wood.